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yahoo mail support number

Want to send Text Messages with the Help of Yahoo Mail? If yes, then follow given easy steps to send free text messages. Moreover, using this email service you can send not only email but also enjoy calling and text features anytime to anyone both offline and online both and it costs you nothing. You can get experts assistance for more details or enjoy Yahoo Mail Password Recovery options.

Steps to Send Free Text Messages with the Help of Yahoo Mail:-

Step-1: First of all, sign into your Yahoo Messenger account

Step-2: Click on the option “Actions” as well as a select option “Send an SMS message”

Step-3: Now, enter the recipient phone number or choose it from the existing contact list

Step-4: Now, type a message you wish to send -> click “OK”

Although, sending a text message is simple task still, there are some technical hindrances, which hamper the access to the account as well as brakes to the use of the services it provides.

A Few Common Technical Issues Are As Follows-

1. Loading speed is poor

2.  Emails or contacts are missing

3.  Unable to sign into your own account

4.  Missing buttons or menus

5.  Lots of spam email

6.  Unable to send or receive text messages etc.

Actually, the problems don’t just end here, there could be many other technical issues are also possible that can hamper a users’ work. If you want a real-time solution to your issue then get experts assistance via Yahoo Mail Support Number USA 2018 which you get from Mycustomerservice website that is known for providing reliable services via a toll-free number. 

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Thunderbird is the Email service provider accessed by millions of people around the world? But a few technical issues can prevents you to access your account efficiently. One such email problem is “Thunderbird sending of message timed out”.  If you are also getting same issue then either Thunderbird Email Customer Service or follow below-given steps. 

This email service comes with various versions as well as it is available for all major platforms. The best part it is an open source client with support to IMAP, POP, and SMTP. There are some situations when the user not able to send the message to and will receive a note like-

Thunderbird sending of message timed out. Using SMTP server the message could not be sent for an unknown reason. It will create a difficulty for the user while they want to send the email.
Possibilities of Thunderbird message failure error are as follows:-

While configuring or updating Thunderbird current account profile, the following issues or error can come.

In the Server settings, connection Security is not set to SSL/TLS

While configuring SMTP Server settings, wrong choice of SMTP port

Windows firewall or Antivirus update blocked the sending of the emails by treating them as suspicious or spyware behavior. 

When they "detect" virus or spam mailings, ISPs or providers have been restricting port 25
Solution of Thunderbird Sending of Message Failure:- 

Step-1: Using the proxy, check whether Thunderbird is for the connection through any Antivirus application.
Step-2:  For SMTP Server check the settings and its assigned port.
Step-3: Discover whether the Windows or Antivirus firewall is blocking the email working by disabling them.
Step-4: Update the Thunderbird application to the latest version
Step-5: To check the network traffic download Wireshark tool when it is trying to send the outgoing message.
Step-6: To secure/SSL, try switching the Thunderbird SMTP Server configuration port 465 if port 587 doesn’t work. For more details get Thunderbird Email Customer Service and let experts handle your issue with ease.

In addition, call on Thunderbird Support phone Number listed at mycustomerservice directory to obtain real-time assistance of experts with ease. 

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Printers have become the main addition to both personal and professional life across the world and, as with all equipment; there may be the technical hitches occasionally. However, the majority of difficulties related to the Brother printers can be remedied easily by getting the experts help at Brother Customer support number. Here’re a few ways to fix the common Brother Printer problems.


Method 1: Check the paper size and type is correct and determine that you haven’t congested your paper feeder to prevent paper jams and may even avoid a smudgy or irregular print issue. Some printers can struggle to print on the paper like heavy card stock or glossy sheets. You can prevent the headache of jams by using a lightweight, clean, 8 inch to 10-inch printer/copier paper for the smaller stack.


Method 2: Reinstall or update the driver to fix printing problems like unreadable text and strange characters. Visit the Brother’s official site and choose the correct printer model and compatible operating systems. Proceed to the on-screen instructions to finish the installation. Check and bookmark the website correctly to ensure you don’t misplace the necessary driver update in the future.


Method 3: Clean the Printheads to prevent blurry images and text. You can access the Brother Printer maintenance options by selecting the print from any window and clicking the ‘Properties’ menu found next to the correct printer name. Choose the Maintenance tab and locate the option to see nozzles. If the print lines are broken or blurred, select the printer head cleaner icon to remove dirt, dust, and dried ink.


Method 4: Change the cartridges or ink to solve ‘low ink level’ warnings, and misplaced/ non-existent pictures or text. Every printer calls for the particular ink/toner cartridge type; therefore consult the Brother Printer manual to replace the cartridge properly.  Additionally, these directions can typically be recovered by revealing the printer cover, in or on the cartridge or ink package, or speaking with the Brother Customer support experts. Keep in mind that occasional printer use can also prevent pages from printing correctly.


Method 5: Contact the Brother Customer care. If your printer problems still exist even after going through all these workarounds, it may be time to call on the Brother Customer service phone number and seek the solution to solve out the problems and errors associated with your printer under the guidance and suggestions of skilled and certified experts. They are the highly experienced people and always available to give the prompt resolution. 

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It is well-known that Lexmark printers are recognized as one of the best printing machines among-st all the printer brands. But it doesn’t mean that you will never face the problems related to the slow performance, execution errors and much more. Software or firmware updating problems is also one of the hindrances that prevent you from using the printer appropriately. So, in such complicated situations, you should contact the Lexmark customer service number that will help you in getting out of the trouble some circumstances.


Common Issues you may experience while using the Lexmark printer are as follows:


1.  Garbled or dusky printouts

2.  Lexmark printer isn’t printing

3.  The documents don’t print correctly

4.  Problems in taking printouts via web browser

5.  Can’t print to the Lexmark wireless printer

6.  Unable to connect the computer wirelessly

7.  Lexmark installation and configuration problems


The tech support team offers the impeccable services with which you can remove all delays you’re facing with the Lexmark printer. In the indigestible situations of the failure of your printer, quickly call on the Lexmark support phone number to get support 24*7 round the clock to fix all problems related to Lexmark printer.

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Yahoo Mail Plus can be configured with MS Outlook 2013 to get Yahoo webmail with the POP function. Once you have configured Outlook to access the Yahoo email account, you can get messages via the desktop, even if your system isn’t connected to the Internet. After upgrading Yahoo Mail Plus to the premium version, you can easily use the POP feature. If you use a primary email account that isn’t updated, you can’t access it through Outlook or other desktop email programs. Before consulting with the experts at Yahoo Mail customer service phone number, follow up these steps to access Yahoo email account with Outlook:


Yahoo Web Mail POP Activation:


1.  Login to the Yahoo email account, point over the gear icon and then click on the ‘Mail Options’ tab.

2.  Click on the ‘POP & Forwarding’ option, followed by the ‘Access Yahoo! Mail via POP.’

3.  Click the ‘Save’ button to apply settings.


Microsoft Outlook 2013


1.  Open the Outlook 2013 program. Click on the ‘File>> Add Account>> Manual Setup or Extra Server Types>> Next>>POP>>Next’ respectively. 

2.  Type the Yahoo email account settings in the fields. Input the Yahoo email address, your name, username, and password. The ‘POP3’ is account type, ‘’ is for the incoming server and ‘’ is for the outgoing server. Uncheck the box next to the ‘Require logon using Secure Password Authentication.’ Click on the ‘More Settings’ tab after the information is filled in completely.

3.  Click the ‘Outgoing Server’ option and then select the boxes next to the ‘SMTP requires authentication’ and ‘Use similar configurations as incoming mail server’ to choose them.

4.  Click the ‘Advanced’ option, followed by the box beside of the ‘This server requires an encrypted connection’ to activate it and then type these details in the correct fields:

•  The incoming server (POP3) port is 995.

•  The outgoing server (SMTP) port is 587, 465 or 25 whichever you select.

•  The encryption type is either TLS or SSL.

5.  Input the delivery and timeout options you need to use. Click the ‘OK’ button and then close the Outlook program. Open it again and then click the ‘Send/Receive All Folders’ option.


Other considerations:


Yahoo suggests that try to leave a message copy on the server once you set up the timeout and delivery options. TLS security is robust because it utilizes higher encryption algorithms. Antivirus programs and firewalls can stop the POP settings from completing successfully. If you’re facing trouble, then try to disable the protection and configure Yahoo mail again to fix issues. Calling on the Yahoo mail customer service number 2017, you can also seek solutions and set up your Yahoo email account with Outlook quickly.

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